Funko Pop We Bare Bears - Grizz Pop!

Funko Pop We Bare Bears - Grizz Pop!

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We Bare Bears - Grizz Pop! Vinyl Figure

It’s stacks on with the We Bare Bears, the friendly neighborhood bear siblings from the hit Cartoon Network television show! The series follow the trio of furry San Franciscans who just want to fit in, whether it be by opening their own calzone food truck or attending a meme con, this band of warm fuzzies are ready to have some sweet Californian fun! 

This wave of We Bare Bears features all three, Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear, looking as adorable (and awkward) as ever. We can't confirm whether or not these Pop! Vinyls are actually stackable. On first impression it appears not, however I like to see that as a challenge. Anyone up for some We Bare BearsJenga?

Like we said, these guys just want to fit in, and we think the best place for them to do so is in your Funko collection.

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